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Allow our app to meet the needs of pet travel and streamline services

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Since the pandemic, there has been a rise in pets needing veterinarian care. In the US alone, 23 million families adopted a new pet during the first year of the pandemic and  veterinarians have directly felt this impact of the pandemic pet surge. Our founder has felt the impact of this when trying to book an appointment in a visiting destination and being told flat out they were not willing to take on any new animals. This presents a logistical challenge when it comes to pet travel because the animal needing an appointment is not intending to be a full-time client but rather a one-off appointment.


Rightfully, many veterinarians will not take on the added responsibility of completing travel paperwork for an animal who's medical history they have not completed or previously verified, and complying with unfamiliar or just complicated country regulations. We know vets have an overwhelming amount of animals that are in need of more urgent care.

PadsPass aims to allow humans to keep their travel medical history in one place, accessible to veterinarians in travel destinations using a secured platform. A Veterinary practice can keep its own management system as PadsPass is independent and will be an integration. Using PadsPass, veterinarians no longer have to worry they will miss any important import or export detail, or struggle with time zone differences.


PadsPass aims to keep Veterinarians performing travel health examinations up to date on government travel policies. It will also ensure all government requirements are met by all humans involved at both the origin and the destination for every trip, without the risk of human error. Veterinarians can get back to focusing on their practice, and helping humans travel with their furry loved ones.

We're also launching a first initiative as we develop the technology that will power PadsPass in the future - a microchip database. This will eventually be included in the GROUNDED free version of the app, it's free now and always will be because we could never put a price on reunification of a pet and it's hooman. 

Permission to access the database will only be granted to known entities who request it, including but not limited to licensed veterinarians and animal charities such as the SPCA. Access will have a review process before being granted, can be revoked at any time, and will only be able to view the animal's information. The emails will only be visible to PadsPass and not shared with any third party.


Anyone who finds an animal and is able to scan the microchip and does not have access can always reach out directly to PadsPass to see if the animal is in the database, it's also the only way visiting pets can ensure their animals can be traced if they're separated. 

Our prototype is up and running and in the hands and paws of some of our furst users. It guides them through to complete the paperwork process for travel between the US/Canada and Bermuda. 


The prototype reinforces all the Bermuda Government regulations and allow you to complete the Health Certificate template that has been accepted by the government in the past. When done using our platform, these appointments should only take 30 minutes for your practice and there’s no further paperwork submission required once the Health Certificate template is printed and signed.Of course there would be benefits to your business which include but are not limited to greater exposure and rapid income revenue. Of course meeting some pawsome pets along the way is a plus !

Submit your practice to our database today so our users know who to book an appointment with when traveling. 

How veterinary practices can get started with PadsPass 

Interested in adopting PadsPass, advertising with us, and/or contributing important animal health information to the platform creation? 

Reach out to us here for more information on what opportunities are available for your veterinary practice or company. We'd love to hear from you. 

Thanks for submitting!

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