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Your New Border Pawtrol

Vaccine Passport

Why should government agencies use PadsPass

According to IPATA, over 4 million pets and live animals are transported by air per year with 2 million from the US. Many governments have time-sensitive requirements for entry with animals that apply to both pets and service dogs. Some of these requirements are quite extensive, and difficult to understand for many pet parents and animal handlers. The threat of quarantine or return to origin often deters pet parents from traveling, resulting in a huge loss of potential tourist economy. 

Reducing the risk of human error, PadsPass aims to align with governments by streamlining their requirements in an easy to understand step by step format for people looking to travel with their pets. By having an animal's health records accessible within the platform, it would eliminate destinations that are not available to certain animals or within a pet parent's specific travel schedules. It would also prepare pets and animals for travel well in advance, and in accordance with government guidelines. 

Travel schedules often don't align with government office hours, and import permits often cannot be approved out of hours. PadsPass could offer opportunities for governments to leverage the robust process free of human-error to allow to ease approvals at any time of the day and ease the travel process. 

The old system of paper pet passports have existed as verified forms of identification for decades for other countries, and PadsPass is a digital update to what worked in the past.  


The pawsibilities are endless. 

How government agencies can get started with PadsPass 

Interested in adopting PadsPass, advertising with us, and/or contributing important animal health information to the platform creation? 

Reach out to us here for more information on what opportunities are available for your government agency or company. We'd love to hear from you. 

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