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When the fur flies, so does the  money

Above the Clouds
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Why should airlines and air travel companies use PadsPass

Pet travel has changed in the last decade from being an oddity to a necessity. Any airlines that do not allow for four-legged passengers risk being left behind in the comPETitive market that is air travel.  We know from our experiences that even when airlines or air travel companies have these policies in place, they are not upheld consistently within the company between the customer service staff before take off, to the ground staff at an airport, and the the air staff within a plane. A passenger flying with a pet may have a different experience on the same airline in the same country but at a different airport or with a different flight crew. These inconsistencies create travel delays, anxiety for both staff and passengers and often times will impact the loyalty of what airlines or planes passengers will book in the future.


PadsPass aims to keep passengers up to date on air travel policies., which will also be accessible by airlines and air travel companies. Some airlines already assign dog ID numbers, these can be kept in a PadsPass account and accessible to air staff along with healthy and safety records.  


There will be opportunities for OTA integration, so airlines that adopt PadsPass can also allow users to book their flights directly through the platform, sharing their information upon booking. The aim is to make a smooth experience for the pet parent and the air staff beginning with the booking process through to pre-travel, check-in, and in-flight  requirements by providing step by step guidance and notifications.  It will also ensure all government requirements are met by all humans involved  at both the origin and the destination for every trip. 

How air transportation companies can get started with  PadsPass 

Interested in adopting PadsPass, advertising with us, and/or contributing important air travel information to the platform creation? 

Reach out to us here for more information on what opportunities are available for your airline or air travel company. We're interested in hearing from commercial and private air companies 

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