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After 75 flights over a decade, we've seen the world and want to help others see it from our pawspective.

I'm Lauren, the founder of PadsPass along my co-founder and inspiration for the platform, Pads. We took 75 flights together over ten years. As a documentary filmmaker, she accompanied me to quite a few film festivals - from the red carpets of Cannes to the canals of Amsterdam. We relocated countries twice together, and often visited family and friends in our transatlantic life.

We saw the world and the landscapes change, especially in animal travel. She was one of the last dogs to get a UK pet passport before the fall out of Brexit and it made it pawsible for us to travel together. While she never failed to get flight crews and passengers to fall in love with her, we had a couple of trips where this human didn't manage to get all the logistics right.

Having a 'never event' happen while in transit, got me thinking how I never wanted it to happen again not just for me but for anyone traveling with their dog. There had to be a way to remove the factor of human error, even whilst travel plans and outside factors were constantly creating risks.

Two years ago I started working in the tech startup world and saw pawsibilities to create a platform that incorporates all the aspects of animal travel: from the initial input of an animal's medical records, to guidance on how to determine if your animal is eligible for travel before going through the paperwork process, or if any factors affect an arrival and how to go about planning the perfect pawilday.

Speaking of perfect pawlidays, that's exactly where we'll be starting with our platform streamlining the process for travel between Bermuda and the USA.


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