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Why dogs should travel - a dog's pawspective

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Me being the ring bearer at my humans wedding in Bermuda, all pawsible because I traveled with my human

Hi there, I'm Pads one of the co-founders of PadsPass

The dog founder that is. I know my human founder will be sharing lots of impawtant information with you as we continue to build, but I wanted to give you my point of view as to why dogs should travel.

Let me first tell you a little about my human

Lauren drove 15 hours round trip to get me from New York City to Pittsburgh in a single day, so since day one with her I had to learn to endure long travels. Turns out I was a really good travel dog not just on that trip but on every trip I took with her. She would tell other humans I had a bladder of steel, but I'm pretty certain my bladder was made of whatever other dogs bladders are made of. And I'm not certain that is steal or the metal detectors at airports would have made all kinds of noises and that would have got annoying considering how many times I flew with my human.

My first flight with my human was a short one, I remember it as if it was yesterday and it was actually 10 years ago! We flew from New York City to Vermont to see my human uncle graduate. The short flight was good, I really didn't know what to expect but my job was always to be by my human and if I wasn't by my human then I slept. I could also multitask, so I would often sleep AND be by my human. But my human needed me, she wasn't the same when she was away from me. So I traveled, a lot.

I took 75 flights with my human over ten years and visited 9 countries with her

My superpower of sleeping and being by her side was what got me through long flights. I learned how to beg for food in other languages, my favourite was always the pizza crusts I had every Friday at the place near our second home in London. On top of visiting all these places, we also lived in three countries together. In London, my human worked to get me my pet passport, which made our lives so much easier! I might have had a New York bark still, but I had a UK/EU passport. That was of course, before that thing Barksit changed everything.

They don't give out pet passports in my second home of London anymore, and my first home in New York never had them and that always kept me up at night, despite my superpower abilities. I always felt it was unfair to all the other pups who were good boys and good girls, wanted to travel the world with their humans, and could easily be one of their carry-on pieces of luggage.

Us dogs always get told off for being bad, but this time I think it is only fair to say 'bad humans'

So I wanted to change that- because it made such a difference to my human to have me with her everywhere. And that's why I founded PadsPass with her, to help humans understand how to travel with their furry loved ones as my human did. Some humans don't make this easy, there are lots of vet visits, paperwork, and there are timings to them all that are just beyond my understanding as a dog. I feel they're also beyond the understanding of most humans but don't worry, all of that is soon going to change.

Not all of us dogs are made to travel that is true, but many of us are born with the superpowers of falling asleep anywhere, having bladders of steal, being quieter than the little humans often are on planes, adapting to hotels with the greatest of ease, and most impawtantly loving our humans unconditionally. Our jobs are demanding it is true, but we never want a day off.

The only pawliday we'd ever want is one with our humans

PadsPass is going to make all your lives easier, whether you have two legs or four. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or sign up to our newsletter for pupdates.

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