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Changing the way humans travel with furry loved ones

PadsPass™ is the first ever single secure digital platform that streamlines the  compliance check process so you and your animal can get to/from your destination with ease.

With scope for use by veterinarians, airlines, government agencies, the hospitality industry, and even groomers, boarding facilities and dog walkers. 


million US households have a pet


travel with their pet 


travel internationally


find it difficult
PadsPass is about to change how humans travel with their animals.

Clinical Dog Examination

PadsPass is more than just a pet passport

International Travel

PadsPass allows for seamless international travel reducing the chance for human error. Through a step by step process it will help you determine if your animal is eligible for your upcoming travel and guide you to complete government forms and requirements with time sensitive reminders.

Airline Travel

PadsPass provides actionable steps  people can take depending on the airline, airport and other factors saving time.  Learn how best to book your pet on your flight, preferred seats for flying with pets, and help navigating airports. Keep track of any airline ID numbers in one place and build credentials for the good behavior of your furry companions.

Health Record Holder

Whether its a relocation or a pawliday, using different vets can make the paperwork pile up with the potential to be lost along the way. Manage all of your animal’s medical records in PadsPass so you are never without it when you need it most. Share health records with your pets’ medical and care providers quickly, easily, and securely.

Dog friendly Destination Guides

Instantly find the nearest animal hospitals, pre-book vet appointments prior to travel, and discover the dog friendly activities before you arrive at your destination in PadsPass. Not everything always goes to plan, so PadsPass will have alternate routes and adjust as your trip changes. There are lots of platforms out there that are similar, but none will take into account the unique qualities of your pet or your travel logistics and schedule.

Luggage Trolley

To travel and see the world with
a loved one is everything,

whether they have two legs or four.

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