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Image by Ethan Wilkinson

Government requirements

PadsPass helps navigate the different requirements of the destination and the origin country, if this is truly a pawliday then you'll want to be able to return with your four legged loved one as well. With our tried and tested check lists that guide you in a timely manner you'll be able to complete all the government requirements. 

PadsPass is currently focused on travel between Bermuda and the US.

Airport Counter

Airline requirements

Equally as challenging are the airline requirements, which vary based on origin, destination, size, and length of journey. These also have to be met within certain time limits. 

PadsPass is currently focused on private jet travel and a new upcoming airline, but in the future looks to include commercial airlines flown by the founder in the past: Delta, American Airlines, and Jet Blue. 

Many Dogs

Additional service requirements

Not only used for travel, but in its most simplest form PadsPass is a single location for all health and vaccine information that is often required by dog walkers, groomers, and others. Access and share this information easily with those who need it. 

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